Trust Issues

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Diving into another theme of The Legacy Series, we see a lot of the characters having trust issues. Whether they're too trusting or can't seem to trust at all, we're gonna talk about some of the main issues characters can face when this happens.

What are some things that could drive a bridge between you and someone you trust? What would make you stop trusting that person? If lying was the first thing on your mind, then you hit the nail on the head. When someone lies to you, it breaks down the trust you have in that person. When it happens a lot, then you tend to have distrust for anyone you meet, before you even get to know them.

We see this with Rogue. Tragedy strikes her early in the series, the second chapter actually, and she finds it increasingly hard to trust the ones around her. She has a select few that she confides in, but the ones that should be the closest, her mother and father, betray her trust. When she meets Azzura, she's instantly wary of her, but with Azzura's winning smile and knack for breaking down walls, they fall into a new type of trust.

Nora and Ella are forced into trusting strangers when they're thrown into all this chaos without a manual, and are told to get it together. They were lucky to find Peter, who would die before he let them down, in any way.

We see this theme take Liv in its iron grip. She's distrusted by everyone in her pack because of what she can do. They fear her, and in that fear, they don't place a drop of trust that she wouldn't hurt them. It takes her coming back home, after leaving for a better life, and saving their asses for them to trust her. She lays her newfound safety on line for people that don't trust her, why? Because in her core, much like the rest of the sisters, is a courageous and giving person. The people of Ivy Vine didn't deserve her love and protection, but she gave it anyway, even without trust backing her.

Can you think of any other instances of trust being placed where it shouldn't or where it should have been? Maybe between a former soldier with trust issues and her annoyingly cute new mate she can't dodge, no matter how much she tries?

The Last King, 7th and final book in The Legacy Series, is completed and up on Inkitt now! It is just the first draft, there will be mistakes, please be kind.

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