The Last Fantasy

Anne here -

While I've had yet another downward spiral, I feel they come more often than they used to, or I'm just getting stuck in them easier. Either way, I ate nearly 6 yeast rolls (the good ones from a chain steakhouse restaurant) with cinnamon honey butter and feel no different than when my depression took hold, but my stomach is full, so there's that. I'm fighting the disgusted feeling that comes after I eat anything, something that's haunted me since I was ten and I haven't been able to shake twenty years later. But I decided to write a blog post this week. I plan on writing on my two days off I get this week, aside from the mandatory weekend, and I hope that this future planning helps clear the fog of my dysfunction.

That's not what this post is about. As per my usual start, this will turn into something different. Mood aside, I think I'm done writing fantasy novels. Not that I don't love the genre, you can basically do anything you want with it. I really enjoy writing more toward the urban fantasy instead of the massive world building area that is high fantasy, but I want to shift to something different.

After writing and publishing The Strange Disappearance of Calla Rivers, I found that I love the heart pounding thrill of mystery and action more than I want to write something someone will poke holes in. Fantasy leaves a lot to the imagination, but there's also so much building you have to do to keep your audience at attention. Not that any other genre doesn't need that, I just feel like my path is veering this way, and I think I should listen.

I have so many ideas for action and thriller novels that I want to start them all this weekend. Now, this could just be the fresh thoughts of new things pushing their way around my current projects, distracting me like they should, but it doesn't make my fingers itch any less. Not only do I want to get more into that side of my writing, but I want to explore the ever expanding world of romance. Not just the super popular spicy parts of it, which will take me time to get into because I am not good at writing that but I want to explore it, but the soft side. The parts of the romance I write now, just more about it. I love soft romance, slow burns, and gut wrenching plot lines that I've already used in some form with my fantasy works, but I want the stories to be more focused on that.

That being said, my Legacy Series will be the last fantasy series I will write. I have some unfinished pieces, like the Claws vs. Fangs trilogy that will get finished one day, I swear, but there won't be anything new started in that genre for me. I say that, but I do have a small side book planned for the already 7 book long Legacy series that is bugging me to get it on paper. That may be more of a novella, I'm not sure, but it will be the last.

I think I pigeonholed myself from the start. I hate to say it, but I decided a long time ago that I wanted to be a fantasy author, I just didn't realize then how much of a box I was putting myself in. Again, it isn't because I couldn't do all the things I wrote up there, in a fantasy novel, but that I don't want to keep having to live up to fantasy standards. It's an odd thing to say, that the genre that you can pretty much write about anything in, has standards, but it does. I need a break from it and I think this is the best path to take. I forced myself into a box and now I need to grow out of it to find any sense of happiness writing anymore.

Now that I've said all of that, I realize there are other fantasy books that I will have to table, indefinitely, but you know what? You're gonna get amazing stories that will blow you away. I'm calling that right now. Even in the fog of my depression, I can feel that it will happen. I know I have books out already, but I haven't even come close to making it as an author. I don't want to stay stuck in the same place my whole career. I need to start treating this like a career and grow within it. I need to force myself, even on crappy days like this, and translate the world inside my head that refuses to stay quiet. It's because of that world that I have stories to begin with, I need to start listening to it.

I'm not going to talk about future projects just yet. I have a feeling if I talk about them too early, that I'll jinx them. I have my notes, I'm starting to build characters the right way, and I have the platforms that I want to keep around to share my stuff. If I keep reminding myself that I'm not just playing around with this, then maybe I'll actually do something with it.

It's a nice thought.


I think I'm going to rant about social media next week. I have some words that need to get out and I want to shout it into the void I've created. See you then!

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