The End of The World

Anne here,

It's been awhile again, I know. I've been plugging away at getting some stories finished so I can move onto their next phase. Anything new with you guys? I know I don't usually ask, but I thought I would. I got a new cat. The existing cat is irate on the subject. I have one dog that's scared of him and one that's obsessed with him. Phillip J Fry is soft, squishy, and overall a nice kitten.

I love saying this, no matter how small it is, but I am almost done with the first draft of The Last Queen! The second book in my Fangs vs Claws series, and one of the harder ones out of the two. I know when I'm ready to edit it I'll take more time and get the world building right on this one. My plan for improvement has started and it's slow going.

Currently, I have semi-good notes on a few main series I'm working on. Instead of using a service or template or something I didn't really want to dig up and use, I just wrote out characters as I had them and added them. The top main ones get their details and back stories. I usually try to do a tagline or something that helps me remember the spirit or inspiration behind the story.

What's helped me the most? At the start of these stories I'm making sure to spill the contents as they come to mind - what does this mean? It means I dump anything that comes to mind about the story until I can't. It doesn't have to make sense, be the start of the story, or even grammatically correct. It can even change! A lot of my snippets come from the ramblings at the start of the notes.

I've enjoyed doing that as part of my notes because I feel more creative and it's not something I have to take seriously.

It's helped me a lot as I redid the first book, The Last Huntress. It's not finished, but dumping out ideas and lines of story has helped unclog a lot of the writer's block on this series. There are still plenty of changes I need to make to the first and second book before I start on the third. I have fun things planned for the third. (Spoilers ahead!)

After the world ends, Redley is left with a mess on her hands, too many paths in front of her, and a dead boyfriend - not just because he's a vampire. She chooses to retire instead of saving the world - or rather - humans. Her mother's plans come to and end as she sends her vampires out to the far reaches of the globe, turning every human they find.

It only takes eighteen years to get to the last one - or so the Queen thinks.

The premise of the third, and final book, is that the last human is hunted. It's not just for being human, the fact that she's related to the Queen is being held from her.

The world may have ended, but we'll read about Fallon learning how to rebuild it.

I don't know the plans for when I want to start this book, but I know I want to collect as many ideas as I can before starting it.

Currently, I'm knee deep in the redos for Tidal Wave and barely to the middle of The Sisterhood. I want to start on major edits for The Legacy series, but if I give myself too many things to do, I will fry the creative side of my brain.

At least the new meds (cannabis) is helping me focus, get things done, and regulate my moods. It's been a positive month doing this and I hope it only helps me further regulate what needs it.

I know this wasn't very interesting but I wanted to try and do a post this week. Hopefully, it'll catch and I'll do actual interesting posts. Who knows!

Until next time!

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