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Anne here,

Raise your hand if you've read any of my books in The Legacy series...

Good, glad to see a few of you here, you'll enjoy this post!

If you haven't read them, that's cool too. You could check out the page on my main site and click on books at the top and read them on Inkitt. For free. Even though they're still in the first draft stage, they seem to do well with readers on there. Only if you want to. It's no big deal.

Anyway, the main plot of the Legacy Series is a seven part series about taking down a misguided King, his general, and the puppet master pulling the strings. It follows over eight different story lines that merge together in the final novel. There's twists, turns, and it'll throw you on a roller coaster of emotions to the last page. It's my favorite series I've written and I can't wait to start the edits so I can add more to the stories. I have so many ideas for it!

That being said, the Legacy series is set in an unknown time and place. We get a glimpse at the era of time when Liv and some vampires venture into the near by town to the nest. The town has electricity and small convenience stores. The group buys soda and snacks before heading back to the nest. The land the packs are on isn't disclosed. Some packs have power while others rely on fire for light. While the human world is more modern to what we know in the present day, while the pack lands stay to the older ways of life.

Between that series and the new dual part novel is a couple hundred years. I'm not sure if it will mention exactly how long, but it might later in the story. The biggest difference in the new story and the old series is the modern aspects to the new one.

Children of The Moon is a two part story starting with a werewolf pack trying to take down vampire dens that are abducting humans for blood slaves. With the help of a vampire on the inside, they save a new human life during a transport between dens.

When our new main Alpha - Alpha Lorcan - finds a frail, shaking, Isla in the back of one of the vans, he makes it his mission to bring down Finnick Van Haus. It wasn't as if he didn't have a good reason before, seeing as Finnick killed his mate the moment they met.

Their similarities are in the tragedies I've given them. I really enjoy showing my characters, especially in these books, all the happiness they can imagine and then ripping it away seconds, maybe minutes after. The only good thing is that I also love giving them the happiest ending they couldn't imagine. I always make it up to them in the end.

I didn't mean to put these stories in the same universe and I even have a separate spin-off planned in the future for the Legacy series so I don't consider this one a spin-off. The moment I realized I was putting them in the same universe, I loved the idea. I have small thoughts about bringing some of the vampires from the Legacy series into this, they would still be alive, whereas any of the werewolves would have been dead for a while if it's a few hundred years after book seven.

I've started posting the first pieces of Children of The Moon, hit my Inkitt page up and read it now. The updates will be on Sundays. I've finished The Last Queen and that's on Inkitt in full - first draft - and the first book as well, The Last Huntress. There's lots to read on there, and I promise to keep my stories as up to date weekly as possible.

I'm not sure what this blog meant to be about except to confirm the connect between Children of the Moon and The Legacy series. Weirdly enough, I enjoyed writing this one today. Maybe I'll write gibberish about different story ideas/edits next week too!

Until next time!

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