Found Family - Bonds Through Hardship

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Exploring another huge theme in The Legacy Series, found family can be read in each and every one of them. Even if they don't turn out for the best.

An example of when it turns out for the worst is when Genesis leaves the family that raised him, loved him, and wanted only the best for his future. Instead, listening to a man that promised him the power given down by his father, believing the lies he told him, he stole his adoptive mother's heart and proved his worth. He spent years, a decade and more, with the general. He was taught to fight, to take punches, to command his subordinates all the while Duke plotted against him.

This is the best example of a toxic relationship, even when one party doesn't understand or see it. Genesis saw a man that took him under his wing and taught him about life when, in reality, Duke was setting him up for the ultimate failure. It would be by his hand or someone else's that Genesis met his end. That's not a proper family, but that's a little obvious.

A great example of the found family trope is the sisters as a whole, and broken down in their singular lives.

Liv runs away to be with the vampire clan that welcomed her with open, and bare, arms. She found herself among the living dead, being able to be free from prejudice against the gift that Selene blessed her line with. She learns more about her family, the one that was killed off before she was able to be loved by them. She learns to love herself through the new bonds she forms with Sai, Kai, Theo, and company. Once she throws herself in front of the general and gives her life for her birth pack, a change starts in them. They see her as a hero, when they should have been seeing her as on of them from the beginning - but better late than never. By the end of the series, Liv finds herself between three found families. The vampire clan that saved her, the sisters that showed her how to roar, and the pack she can't let go of that had finally accepted her.

We witness Azzura stitching herself back together and gaining more family than she started with. Leaving her abusive mate and finding comfort and strength in another Alpha, she creates a family out of nothing. One that would rather die than see her hurt again. Her story is very classic within this trope, but Arlo's is one that doesn't seem clear until the very end.

We witness Arlo, a soldier since age four, finding her way in a new and strange land; Summer's Horizon. She's never dealt with pack life or the things that come with it, including finding her mate and trying to get rid of him at the same time. We find her heart torn near the end of her story. Facing the reality that Percy will be banned from his pack forever and the promotion from the man and family she grew up with, she plays everyone around her, including herself. She twists herself up in the lies she's been told, the truth staring her in the face, and the impending doom lingering over her and the rest of the sisters. It takes being stabbed in the chest, near death, and fighting for her life to see the family she always wanted, right in front of her eyes. Sometimes finding your family, your pack, is a hard road.

That was only a few of the sisters' story about finding their families while dealing with the king's plans for their futures. Can you think of any other found families in the series? Read The Last King, and the rest of the series, on Inkitt in full! Hit the link below!

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