Edits: The Good, The Bad, and the Grammatically Correct.

Anne here!

Are you a writer that's been personally attacked by the overbearing thoughts of lingering edits for projects you finished long ago? Then this is the blog for you!

Are you a writer that loves to edit? You can't wait to sink your teeth into the first draft, rip it a part, and rearrange its organs? Then this may not be for you, but all are welcome.

I want to love editing, in my mind, when I think about editing, I do love it. However, when I sit down and try to outline what I'm supposed to fix and change, things go south quickly.

I think of all the other things I could be doing. The molding around the ceiling needs to be dusted. I haven't cleaned the garage in a while. I really want to remove the popcorn from my ceiling. My bed isn't made. All the things procrastination was made for. But it's always felt like more when it came to editing, not just procrastination, but fear keeping me back.

Everyone wants to think their first draft is perfect, and I've been one to think so, blindly, in some cases. It isn't that I don't want to put the work toward it, but that maybe I'll find too many holes, too many missed periods or commas, maybe even too many commas (as if there could be such a beast). The fear of not being able to dig myself out of any pits I put myself in during the first draft weights heavily on me during this process. I know, it's dumb to think something like that could hold me back, and maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm just lazy.

Crazier things have happened.

When I wrote the last chapter of The Last King, I told myself that I would have to revisit the first book soon. Reopen wounds I closed with the words I wrote so long ago. Not to be too dramatic, but it gave me the chills thinking about it.

What did I do? True to form, I am a pantser when I write, if you don't know what that means, I'll tell you. It's when you write or do something by the seat of your pants. Actions with little to no planning. I put words on the pages and hope they make sense. As I've grown in my writing, I've forced myself to make notes, even if they don't make sense later on. I ask myself questions about the characters, what they look like, even if I describe them in the story. I ask what they would do if they were put into a situation that is unlike them.

Take Rogue for example. How would she act on a busy street, cars passing by, people shouting, a park in the distance with kids playing. Would her heart race, would she know what to do to not attract unwanted attention? Would she flip out and start hurting people to get back to where she's from? Sometimes I change their scenes completely in my notes where Rogue is a doting house wife with three kids, sink filled with dishes, and spit up on her shirt that she was too tired to clean off.

I keep the essence of the characters but push their buttons in different situations. I only do this when I can't think of anything to change about them. This method shows me how they could adapt, what I can include to create a more dimensional person, because they need to be more than just paper.

My stories right now do not reflect this stuff. Things I'm doing now will only help me grow. Things I will add and subtract from this series will only make it stronger. I fight the things that keep my potential caged up everyday. There will be a time where I have to tell myself that it isn't fear holding me back anymore, that it's just my mindset. I am getting to that point, and I am hoping the things I've done recently will set me on the right path.

The only reason I want to get better is to give the content the readers deserve. You don't want to buy into something that isn't fulfilling and I don't want to sell you something that isn't up to par. Not anymore. It's past time to recognize that I should have done more before putting myself out there.

Are there things that you wanted to see in the series but it never came up? Is there a way to add more inclusion? I'm always looking for more things to add in that area that I can write about without overstepping where I shouldn't.

Big changes, the good, the bad, and the necessary.

The main issue I've found in the plot of the legacy series is that it isn't quite believable. Not about the mythology part of it, but the system of secrets and how they defeat them in the end. My plan is to paint Genesis as the enemy still, but Selene will be the master now. She will have set the dominoes to fall, not just for the betterment of her people, but to see what happens.

Gods don't get involved with human affairs, something I knew before writing this series. Selene wouldn't get involved unless the reward was greater than her payout. She will be painted as innocent until the tables begin to turn. When Duke finally shows her true colors at the end. Until then, no one will think the wiser. Azzure will still fall under her mentorship. Rogue's life will still be greatly changed due to what she put into place long before she was born.

Genesis' powers will come through much earlier. He will be shown as being a tyrant, his father's name barely a whisper on the pack member's lips because he has begun his rule. The powers he hold, the ones that come from his godly mother will cast a greater shadow across the lands.

Lena will only be a pawn for the goddess, a shell to hide in. Her life will be tossed aside as it is now, but she will have more revenge as the sisters rush to save her. She will curse the goddess' name will become the bridge between the people and the heavens. (Sorry if that may not make sense right now. It will!)

Genesis will still die, but it will be by accident. The truth will reveal itself too late and Arlo will steal his heart just as hers turns toward him. He will call her his daughter as his last breath leaves him. I want the final version to rip your heart out as you read it.

Liv will have a great power and she will discover it as she lives with the vampire clan. She will help the people that abandoned her through the kind heart that still lives within her. Her power, which does not take lives, but heals them by stealing their pain, will come together as she nearly kills a human.

Arlo, the soldier that never should have been. Her and the general will have a greater bond. There will be more abuse shown as she grows up. Genesis doesn't like children, least of all one that remind him of his lost mate. He picks on her the most because of this fact. Duke doesn't stop him from the harsh demands. Her biggest change will be the test of loyalty she is put up to more than once.

General Duke, our rotten to the core villain. His only motivation will be to get back to Sam. If that means making a pack with a goddess that only deals in lies, then so be it. He will do anything to keep his mate safe and to keep himself alive long enough to heal him. Most of his character will not change, but he will be more ruthless and his backstory will change some. We will witness the former king recruiting him, the ties of his family being severed, and the true power of perseverance that he has.

I know I didn't go over all the changes that will be made, this would go on forever if that happened. I think this is a good start, what about you? Laying things out like this is very helpful and even more so for the fans of the series to see this and get involved. I hope that this series will eventually reach everyone's hands, a dream fulfilled that has taken a lot of energy to create.

Are there bigger changes you want to see? Tell me below!

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