Break Down - Build Up

Anne here -

Have you been so brutally broken down about something you absolutely love, that you actually see their side of it? I really shouldn't say it was the worst I've been broken down, because, let's face it, my mother has always done worse. To get to the point, I got a bad review - and I know I'll always get them because you can't please everyone, but it stings all the same.

It stings when you hear the truth you've tried to bury deep come from someone else. It doesn't make it less true. While I am a self-taught author/writer, I should have focused more on the teach part of taught. I thought I could just fly by on what I knew, what I could look up, and what I could make up, but, alas, I've come up short.

I have to stop seeing that as a bad thing. Do I like the stories I've recently published? Yes. Absolutely. It's a different story from when I published the blight that is my first book (the one we don't talk about). I can honestly say I'm proud of the recent published works, despite the bad reviews. I take what people tell me and try not to let it sit in my brain or my heart, poisoning any potential future work.

This time, however, I want to take from it instead of bury it.

I want to actually pursue higher learning (not college, fuck college) and learn from people that are better than me. It isn't just about reading stories similar or far reaching from my own work, but it's about learning the basics over and using them better.

I do love to say that I have good ideas. It's my one confidence, please don't take it from me. However, like the review stated, the plot is lacking in most of my stories. As I've known, most of my stories are shallow. The plot is not thick and on the surface floats nice characters with very little depth. Some people like that, I thought I did, but as I read more (with what little time I have) I've found that the thing that's capturing me is the depth of the plot - not the characters themselves.

I need to put my characters through more, explain it better, and show more than tell. I know this sounds like basics, because it is, but it gets lost sometimes. I get busy with the characters and the commas that I don't always remember that there needs to be substance to a story. Even when I'm knee-deep in a story, it still always feels short. That's what I want to work on and what I plan to work on before sending anything out into the real world.

Of course I will always have my first drafts on Inkitt and other sites, but I refuse to be 2D anymore with my stories. I want that depth that great works have and it's time to stop being such a lazy ass about it.

I can hear and receive all the heartfelt "don't listen to them, it's great" but I need to believe it and I'm just not there. I'm going to do better, I can only promise myself that. Less people to let down if something happens.

In the meantime, I've got three books out now, links on my BOOKS tab on the main page of this site. Take a look!

Till next time.


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