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Let's dive back into why I started writing this blog. I wanted to talk about my stories and the characters I'm writing to help me explore them further in a place that isn't the story. It's all a ploy to get myself out of my own head and into the story at different angles.

Now, let's talk about The Children of The Moon Part One & Two. I decided, while drawing up the notes, that I didn't want to do two full books on this, but that it also couldn't be just one. I sliced it into two parts and they will be in the same book. Putting it on Inkitt and getting the synopsis done was tricky. I didn't want to give too many away things in the first part by explaining the second part. I think I did it well enough, but only time and reviews will tell.

I didn't plan it, it sort of did it on its own, but it's going to be a spin-off of The Legacy series. Now, none of the original characters will be in it and it's set in the distant future, more of our present time since The Legacy books were never in a specific time period. They will mention the Old World, which is the one we know and love from The Legacy series and the actions of the Old World will have consequences for the current world in small ways.

Things that the end of the series implemented will come to affect the current world and the supernatural people living in it. Things like a counsel and laws to protect the humans, while potentially hurting the supernatural people.

The story follows a human, Isla Newman, and her journey from blood slave to something so much more. She comes into her own powers as a mix-breed supernatural - something that's becoming more and more common in the new world. She's saved by a pack of werewolves, decedents from the Old World that migrated to the Americas when they formed. There's a doctor on the inside that helps them keep the humans alive so they can run their raids and save them from the vampires illegally keeping them for blood slaves.

Sorin helps them get Isla out of the cellar and thus begins his open friendship with Isla and Alpha Lorcan. Weylan Lorcan, the Lorcan Pack Alpha through his family line, is determined to help the humans that vampires illegally steal. When they only find Isla in a mission gone south, Weylan is hesitant to keep her under their watch, mostly because they find out some information on her that could lead to the pack coming under attack.

Something in the lonely Alpha takes root. Maybe it's because of the surprise pregnancy or because he sees the innocence she carries well. Even is she was saved from a drug den, Isla was taken against her will and kept as a blood bag for three years, which has the doctor and Alpha both scratching their heads. Finnick Grey Van Haus, the den master, isn't known for keeping bags that long. He's even less known to have favorites, which Sorin sees him doing with Isla.

Aside from the pregnancy trope, we've got chosen mates, forced proximity, protective alphahole, fated mates, and so many more. I only wanted to give a small look into what's coming in this story. I don't want to give too much away, but I also don't have it all written. What I've talked about up there has already been written down and I hope to put the first chapter up when I finish The Last Queen. When that's happening, I don't know.

There's a lot of elements I need to get right with this story, and if I'm being honest, I want to make it steamier than anything I've written before. I'm not saying I'm going full smut, but anything past cuddling and kissing is already steamier.

Next week I'd like to talk a little about a another spin-off for The Legacy series I want to do involving Max and Eve. This one will be in the same time period as the originals, but won't follow the same story-line, obviously.

I want to talk more about the tropes in this up coming story, but I feel like I'll give too much away. I'm better off adding to my notes and getting the writing together than putting it all in this blog post. Regardless, I enjoyed writing this week and I hope you guys read this and have ideas to input either on here or on Inkitt.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

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