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Once Bitten, Twice Turned
The Hybrid Theory Series: Book One
(Published 2018)

A Fantasy Novel 

In a world where vampires, werewolves, and witches run rampant, no one is truly safe. Adela is a normal human in a supernatural world, and that’s how she wishes to stay. Adela not only enters the supernatural world; but she runs straight through it and crashes into everything in her way. With the help of her friends, Gabriel and Millicent, she tries to adjust to her new life.


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The Knight's Curse

A Free Fantasy Novel

From the ashes of destruction, they will rise. With the blood of the knight, they will conquer.
So the story foretold, so shall it be.

Henriette Blackthorne is being haunted by something she can't control.

From a prophecy long-buried, in a book time forgot, Henri will have to fight for not just her fate, but the fate of the town crumbling around her.

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Falling for Amelia Manning

A Free Teen Fiction Novel

Phoebe Edan is used to being the best at everything she sets her mind to, but what she wants more than anything is to play the one sport she'll never be good at: lacrosse. Her senior year is made worse by her ongoing conflict with her archenemy, Amelia Manning. Her former best friend who holds Phoebe responsible for spreading a secret that ruined Amelia's family.
Things take a hard left when Phoebe and Amelia are forced to work together, unexpected sparks fly, old feelings are rekindled, and more secrets are revealed.

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The Strange Disappearance of Calla Rivers
(Published 2021)

A Mystery/Thriller Novel

When a young woman escapes a mad man, she ends up in the freezing arms of a river. Ripped away from everything she knew, unconscious, and out of luck. That changes when the brothers of a local fraternity find her in their back garden, nurse her back to reality and change the way she sees the new world around her.


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Finding Adela
The Hybrid Theory Series: Book Two
(Published 2021)

A Fantasy Novel

Adela finds herself stuck in a world that is both familiar and different. She’s in her childhood home, yet it’s a place that she doesn’t recognize. It was as if everything she had been through was just dream or a nightmare. A long, disturbing nightmare that she never wants to ever think about again.Adela soon realizes that the only way she can find out the truth is to take a leap. When she wakes up again, she’s sure about only one thing: her reality is worse than she thought.
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