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The Strange Disappearance of Calla Rivers

When a young woman escapes a mad man, she ends up in the freezing arms of a river. Ripped away from everything she knew, unconscious, and out of luck. That changes when the brothers of a local fraternity find her in their back garden, nurse her back to reality and change the way she sees the new world around her.

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Finding Adela
The Hybrid Theory Series: Book Two

Adela finds herself stuck in a world that is both familiar and different. She’s in her childhood home, yet it’s a place that she doesn’t recognize. It was as if everything she had been through was just dream or a nightmare. A long, disturbing nightmare that she never wants to ever think about again.
Adela soon realizes that the only way she can find out the truth is to take a leap. When she wakes up again, she’s sure about only one thing: her reality is worse than she thought.

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Anne Marshall ( (n):
Anne Marshall is a self-taught author of fantasy and fiction. Anne is a lifelong writer, and a first time published author. She first began creating characters and other worlds at the age of ten. She can be found with a black cat sidekick who tries to sit on her keyboard and steal her snacks, three dogs in varying degrees of size and attitude. With a loving and supportive family of sisters, a niece, nibbling, and husband.