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The Strange Disappearance of Calla Rivers

When a young woman escapes a mad man, she ends up in the freezing arms of a river. Ripped away from everything she knew, unconscious, and out of luck. That changes when the brothers of a local fraternity find her in their back garden, nurse her back to reality and change the way she sees the new world around her.

Coming Oct 24th, 2021

Typewriter Pub

Well written thriller/mystery here. Liked the story-line, as it was very engaging and told through multiple lenses all while using a third person narration. But what I really enjoyed about the story was the depth of the MC. Part badass, part wounded soul. Well done, throw in the well written little lines that are scary there’s throughout the story and I came away impressed.

‘Very Well Done'

Inkitt Reviews

Praise & Reviews

This was a nice mystery rendition of Snow White! Though, I'm not a huge fan of the fairy tale, this book made it better. I liked that Calla didn't need a "prince" and was not entirely a damsel in distress all throughout the story. I also, liked the twist of romance by the end of it!

‘A Modern Retelling’
Inkitt Reviews

I like every thing about this book and I would recommend everyone read this novel, I loved it!

'Wonderful Read'

Inkitt Reviews

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Anne Marshall ( (n):
Anne Marshall is a self-taught author of fantasy and fiction. Anne is a lifelong writer, and a first time published author. She first began creating characters and other worlds at the age of ten. She can be found with a black cat sidekick who tries to sit on her keyboard and steal her snacks, three dogs in varying degrees of size and attitude. With a loving and supportive family of sisters, a niece, nibbling, and husband.